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2014. 09. 15. 6:29

A Win 8 óta a Windows Intéző probléma esetén tisztán újraindítható a Task Mgr.-ben. (Kiválasztjuk, és a szokásos End task gomb Restart gombbá változik.

A korábbi verziókban is van lehetőség tiszta leállításra, csak cseppet el van rejtve:

In Windows XP, you can get Explorer to exit cleanly by getting to the shutdown dialog (e.g., Start / Turn Off Computer, or Start/Shutdown), then hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys and click the "Cancel" button.

In Windows Vista with its standard Start Menu, click on the Start button. Hold down Ctrl+Shift and right-click on any empty area of the menu or on the power/lock buttons at the bottom of the right half of the menu. One of the context menu choices is "Exit Explorer". Choose this and the main Explorer process will cleanly shut itself down. (Thanks to Mike Sheldon and Raymond Chen for this tip.)

If you are using the "Classic Start Menu" option in Vista, the XP Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Cancel method still works.

OK, so chances are right now you're looking at nothing but wallpaper and the Sidebar and wondering, "What do I do now?" There's no Start menu anymore, and Win+R doesn't display the Run dialog. Answer: press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. This starts Task Manager. In Task Manager, choose "File / New Task (Run)", type "Explorer" and click OK. The shell will come back to life.



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