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The engineers of company own wide variety of experiences, and provide assistance on numerous areas of the informatical solutions, bringing to perfection the systems of small- or medium-business companies and individual users.

Security audit

The base condition of the rapidly developing information society is the perfect security of the computer systems and also the data handled bye them. Our highly qualified and extensively prepared professionals help you achieve these, who posess deep knowledge and proper experience on this area, for more the efficient servicing of our customers. For the satisfaction of our customers we are out for an even higher standard. Our goal is to help the success of the users, and providing precise and exhaustive services. As part of these services we undertake the security check of permanent systems, or on-demand the continouos audit of the company's informatics system. Beside these it is inevitable to make the active processes (e-mailing, data transfer) more safe, in which we also would like to help our customers.

By our services on the level of the companies enormous amount of resources can be saved both on the area of e-mail handling and security technical training, including uninvited and mostly bothering e-mail filtering (spam-filtering), avoiding pop-up adwares, password security and virus immunization.

Data security audit

The most sensitive point of the company infrastructure is the proper and secure handling of the company's data. This is the most basic requirement against an informatics system, whether it is a medium-business company or an individual user. From the lack of security even the strongest company can collapse, and also a home user can suffer seriouos financial and moral loss.

Thanks to the friendly price and increasing of the RAID and SCSI systems, nowadays the data security can be enhanced by really low costs. Recently the developing of the proper backup strategy, and the protection of the critical systems are vital in the life of the companies. The data protection mostly isn't followed by enough attention, and the question of data security appears only after a data loss. With the proper handling of the data, with the usage of secure systems and with efficient backup strategy the consequences of data loss could be lower or even avoided, and the cost could be minimalized. We would like to actively and efficiently participate in these things.

Availability audit

For the companies, using critical informatical systems, the very high availability is always really important. The task of our engineers is to fully audit the reliability of the system and to measure the possibility of installing redundant appliances and the necessity of hardware upgrades. Beyond these we provide solutions for raising available server-time by reorganising already running systems, meaning the even longer operation of the network server.

Tender writing

Our company stands ready to fulfill the customers needs in preparing or working out tenders on the field of informatics (IT). From the occuring of the demand we plan the required infrastructure, we search for the potential application possibilities and by working together close with the procurer we help writing them.

Additionally we do this for free! Do not miss the opportunity, please contact our colleagues for further information!


Discount offer

 After several cooperations, I can easily say, that if MOLEHAND takes part in anything as an integrator or as an expert, then there is no way that any technical or quality problem can occur.