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We recommend our CoLocation service to our customers, who would like to locate their own or loaned servers in a professional datacenter, with high domestic and international bandwidth. The servers will be placed in Hungary's most modern server room, that fulfills all claims. On-demand MOLEHAND also undertakes the installation, the controlling and the maintenance (update, backup and service) of the devices.

CoLocation prices
  Base Active Portal Portal+
Monthly fee (HUF) 24900,- 28800,- 36900,- 78700,-
Connection 10 Mbit/sec 100 Mbit/sec 100 Mbit/sec 1 Gbit/sec
Type Rack/Tower Rack/Tower Rack/Tower Rack/Tower
IP console

VAT is not included!

Server supervising
  Base Active
Monthly fee (HUF) 20 000,- 35 000,-
Working hours 4 hours* 6 hours*
Continuous patching
Event monitoring
HW/SW monitoring
Application operation
Configuration modification
Monthly report

* For error correction, configuration modification, patching and monitoring
 VAT is not included!



Entrance card security
24-hour security crew
Clearance levels assigned by the customers
Closed circuit video system, with 90 days archivation

Climate Control

Temperature 22 C +/- 2 C (71.6 F +/- 1 F)
EU Class 3 air-filtering 
Relative humidity 50% +/- 10%
n+1 redundant indoor units 
Redundant circulation system

Electrical Power Supply

220 VAC/50 Hz
Double conversion (Class VFI-SS-111 by IEC 620040-3) 
1000kVA generator
Continuous control 

Fire Service

Smoke sensors
Environment and device-friendly extinguisher gas
Fire service by F30 DIN 4102 in the suspended floor 

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Discount offer

 Previously the colocation caused us huge troubles, because we haven’t found any provider, which provide their services on high quality servers in a class „A” server room, with excellent support and correct price. MOLEHAND solved this problem.