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Media services

By the help of our different media services anyone can digitalize and transmit on the Internet the audio and video media on an easy, fast and comfortable way. With our digital rights management system you can send your customized media securely.
By these our media services can be divided into 4 main groups (for prices please feel free to call us):

On demand

In this case we provide the handling of the multimedia files edited by you. This information stream can be used on demand. Giving the opportunity for playing during download, data stream optimalization and for server-side timing. By the help of this you can control and make the multimedia services faster provided for you clients.


This service enables the streaming of the live and recorded data. You can cover different events or conferences, or you can monitor industrial sites or processes and you can make a Internet-based TV or radio by the help of these services. The server optimizes the data stream arriving from the client (a camera plus a coder) and forwards it to the incoming clients on a way similar to ordinary television. The recorded multimedia stream can be later published on the Internet by the help of our on demand services.


The digitalization of the audio and video media is important from several aspects. In this format there is no more quality loss, there is no need for different player devices and for Internet broadcast the digital format is vital.

Digital rights management

The Internet-based multimedia services doesn't always contain public data. Private message exchanges (like conferences), non-free services (like movie films) may occur, and these require an encoded data stream. For these you have to provide access on demand for the authorized persons on the easiest way. To accomplish these targets Microsoft's DRM solution is a perfect tool.

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 Our company broadcasts video and audio content on many channels and in serveral formats. MOLEHAND always finds out the suitable solution for us, and they also carry it out quickly and correctly.