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Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.
With our SharePoint plans you can have Windows SharePoint Services without investment and IT issues. Choose and order the right plan, and you can use it instantly.
The Business variation of the plans contains support for training, site building and consulting, so you can use SharePoint in a more professional and efficient way.

  • The general properties of SharePoint:
    • Office integrated: familiar interfaces and features.
    • Web access: the data is accessible within a browser from anywhere.
    • Outlook synchronization: the important data is directly accessible without online server connection using Outlook.
    • Notifications: be informed immediately about the modification of any entity you need.
    • Authorization: the data is accessible only by those who has appropriate rights.
    • The data is protected by user name and password which could be encrypted with SSL encryption.
    • Easy work flow management.
  •  Document management: 
    • Secure, centralized management
    • Regular backup, Recycle Bin
    • Previous versions are accessible
    • Categories or any kind of data can be assigned to the documents exceptionally fast searching, within documents as well!
  • Registries:
    • Worklogs
    • Public and shared calendars
    • Global contact list
    • Checkout
    • To-do lists, absence tracking
    • Project management
    • CRM
    • View creation to find the appropriate information: filters, sorts, math operations
  • Collective information:
    • Announcements, knowledge base
    • Brainstorming
    • Polls
    • Picture gallery
    • Forum

SSL: The SSL encryption is the most popular information protecting method on the internet. If sensitive and/or valuable information is transferred between the server and the clients, you should consider using this type of encryption.

Although the Windows Sharepoint environment is very flexible, not every problem is solvable using it. You may need SharePoint Designer (a member of the Office family) to change some features, and for more serious changes substantial knowledge of Visual Studio is required. Our colleagues will help you to decide how you can achieve your goals.

SharePoint case studies

The following examples will introduce how our customers use the facilities offered by SharePoint.

Rag-trade company

Only 5% of our customer’s employees working with PC, so they have reduced IT infrasturcture. However it is important to store their documents at a central and safe place. For this case, the Windows SharePoint Services by MOLEHAND offers a perfect solution. Keeping the data safe is guaranteed by fault tolerant server disks and transfer exchange is secured with the HTTPS protocol. By Outlook synchronization the users with notebook are able to reach the most recent version of files.


IT company

Our principal does it’s business on many of it’s customers site and for this reason the employees can only work in a team at a fast and from anywhere reachable system. The tenders, many type of manuals and other important documents of the company are uploaded and they are able to reach them if they have the right permissions. The employees are using alerts to always be informed about document changes.

  • The employees are using a shared calendar to note down and share their activites, so everyone knows where and what are they doing.
  • The set and review of the tasks is handled very easilt. Some of tasks can be ingested by everyone, if he or she has enough time and experience.
  • The completed task and invoiced times are stored in a common list. From this list you can easily create invoices, calculate the rentals and after some clicks make impressive riports for the customers and the management.
  • The company is running a knowledge base, where everybody can share and discuss with each other it’s experiences or problems.
  • The incomming and outgoing invoices are recorded in PDF format, so each item can be found very fast, and you can forget the uninvoiced items, because this step can be marked or unmarked.
  • Contacts are stored centrally so everyone can synchronize it with Outlook and anybody can find the wanted person.


International medical imaging company

They are using all the features what just the SharePoint can  offer. Several document list ensure the detached documents of the departments, but through search everything can be easily found in every document of the company. The document version control is very important in order  to quickly find the earlier versions of the product’s specification. Service department using a list to store every sold products in order to get the necessary information. With filters and views they can make reports and statements for the management. The workflows also help them to observ the steps of the quality assurance.

The booking of the courtroom or the beamer and voting for a common case or publicate the news is also ensured by SharePoint.


Top 10 Benefits of SharePoint Foundation 2010
  1. Improve team productivity with easy-to-use collaborative tools
    Connect people with the information and resources they need. Users can create team workspaces, coordinate calendars, organize documents, and receive important notifications and updates through communication features including announcements and alerts, as well as the new templates for creating blogs and wikis. While mobile, users can take advantage of convenient offline synchronization capabilities.

  2. Easily manage documents and help ensure integrity of content
    With enhanced document management capabilities including the option to activate required document checkout before editing, the ability to view revisions to documents and restore to previous versions, and the control to set document- and item-level security, Windows SharePoint Services can help ensure the integrity of documents stored on team sites.

  3. Get users up to speed quickly
    User interface improvements in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 include enhanced views and menus that simplify navigation within and among SharePoint sites. Integration with familiar productivity tools, including programs in the Microsoft Office system, makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly. For example, users can create workspaces, post and edit documents, and view and update calendars on SharePoint sites, all while working within Microsoft Office system files and programs.

  4. Deploy solutions tailored to your business processes
    While standard workspaces in Windows SharePoint Services are easy to implement, organizations seeking a more customized deployment can get started quickly with application templates for addressing specific business processes or sets of tasks.

  5. Build a collaboration environment quickly and easily
    Easy to manage and easy to scale, Windows SharePoint Services enables IT departments to deploy a collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and effort, from simple, single-server configurations to more robust enterprise configurations. Because deployment settings can be flexibly changed, less pre-planning time is required and companies can get started even faster.

  6. Reduce the complexity of securing business information
    Windows SharePoint Services provides IT with advanced administrative controls for increasing the security of information resources, while decreasing cost and complexity associated with site provisioning, site management, and support. Take advantage of better controls for site life-cycle management, site memberships and permissions, and storage limits.

  7. Provide sophisticated controls for securing company resources
    IT departments can now set permissions as deep down as the document or item level, and site managers, teams, and other work groups can initiate self-service collaborative workspaces and tasks within these preset parameters. New features enable IT to set top-down policies for better content recovery and users, groups, and team workspace site administration.

  8. Take file sharing to a new level with robust storage capabilities
    Windows SharePoint Services supplies workspaces with document storage and retrieval features, including check-in/check-out functionality, version history, custom metadata, and customizable views. New features in Windows SharePoint Services include enhanced recycle bin functionality for easier recovery of content and improved backup and restoration.

  9. Easily scale your collaboration solution to meet business needs
    Quickly and easily manage and configure Windows SharePoint Services using a Web browser or command-line utilities. Manage server farms, servers, and sites using the Microsoft .NET Framework, which enables a variety of custom and third-party administration solution offerings.

  10. Provide a cost-effective foundation for building Web-based applications
    Windows SharePoint Services exposes a common framework for document management and collaboration from which flexible and scalable Web applications and Internet sites, specific to the needs of the organization, can be built. Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 expands these capabilities further to offer enterprise-wide functionality for records management, search, workflows, portals, personalized sites, and more.
Office SharePoint Server 2007

In case the services of the Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 appealed to you, but you need a more serious and complex system, then the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 can be the solution. Office SharePoint Server details

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 With MOLEHAND’s SharePoint solution we have managed to solve several difficulties, which caused problems in our management and made the economic production more and more difficult for years.