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Virtual server

Nowadays the virtual servers are real contestants of the conventional server placing. The enhanced performance of the servers made them capable of running multiple virtual machines. You can see here some of the many advanteges of this solution:

  • As a physical machine is shared between multiple virtual ones, the costs of the colocation and the hardware are also divided 
  • With the help of the snapshot  technology it can be restored to previous states
  • Mobile: the virtualized resources can be very simply moved between sites, service providers or host systems
  • The resources can be controlled and easily enlarged on-demand
  • The whole server can be easily backed up 
  • In case of a restart failure, the "console" of the virtual device can be easily reached

The MOLEHAND Ltd. provides the virtual infrastructure with high performance and responsibility Fujitsu PRIMERGY systems, which contains ECC memory modules and SAS based RAID hard drives, satisfying any demands. The base of our solution is the Microsoft Hyper-V technology, that provides high quality and favorable prices. 

Virtual Server prices

  Base  Active Portal
Monthly fee (HUF) 9 900,- 14 900,- 19 900,-
Connection 10 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
RAM 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB
HDD 20 GB  40 GB 80 GB
CPU 1 2 4
Bus 32 bit 32 bit 32/64 bit
Industry standard server
RAID data-security
Air-conditioned surroundings

If there is a demand for a different configuration please contact our  colleagues.
VAT is not included!

Server supervising
  Base Active
Monthly fee (HUF) 20 000,- 35 000,-
Working hours 4 hours* 6 hours*
Continuous patching
Event monitoring
HW/SW monitoring
Application operation
Configuration modification
Monthly report

* For error correction, configuration modification, patching and monitoring
 VAT is not included!

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Discount offer

 Previously the colocation caused us huge troubles, because we haven’t found any provider, which provide their services on high quality servers in a class „A” server room, with excellent support and correct price. MOLEHAND solved this problem.