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System supervising

Small and medium companies often have problem with the maintenance and development of the IT infrastructure and even hard to find a solution to the IT problems emerging on the employees' side. Having 1-2 system administrators as local employees raise two problems. One of them is that they don’t make useful work on the downtime of system operation. The other one is more serious: the imperfect expertise and short experience of the system administrators. That’s the reason of why companies are not able to maximize their IT resources and they don’t get any information of IT process and systems used by enterprises, that may raise the efficiency of the small and medium companies. Neither the security of their IT systems is guaranteed (data loss, intrusion, data stealing, etc.).

The multi-level supervision system of our company provides solutions to the problems mentioned above. MOLEHAND Ltd. has a two-level system engineer team serving our clients. On the first level our colleagues find the solutions for the most problems. If they can’t do so, they forward it to the second level, that is consisting of high qualified system engineers having experience in enterprise solutions. They can solve the problem in every case.

In case of ordering a service our second level engineers estimate and audit the IT system of our clients. After that they regularly control the tasks done by the first level system engineers, avoiding the incidental problems caused by false solutions.

Our customers can choose from 3 conditions: on-site, flat rate or on-demand services. In case of on-site service our colleagues helps you personally in your office. They can work alone or co-operate with your colleagues. This is our highest level service recommended for multi-level systems. If you choose the flate rate service, we can help you personally or via hotline, up-to a value fixed in the final offer (of course you can overrun this value). You can have resort to our on-demand service anytime personally or by phone and we send you a totalized invoice at the end of the period.

In every case our highly qualified architects supports the job of the engineers, so you always get the best and fastest solution!

Server operation

Beside the complete infrastructure operation our company undertakes operation of stand-alone servers. We mainly undertake the operation of Microsoft-based and mixed systems or applications. The prices will be determined upon customized discussion. Informative prices can be found here.


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 MOLEHAND’s young and agile colleagues do their jobs on a precise and enthusiastic way. Moreover the engineers are provided with professional support and training. With couldn’t hold this standard with an own employee.